Demobalk conferences
The International Association DEMOBALK (Demography of the Balkans, Démographie des Balkans) is a scientific society of demographers founded in 1996, which is based in Greece and hosted by the University of Thessaly in Volos, at the Laboratory of Demographic and Social Analyses (LDSA) of the Department of Urbanism, Planning and Regional Development.
The purpose of the Association is to undertake and promote the following activities (though this list is not exhaustive): to produce documentation, studies and research, and organize meetings to explore the demographic situation of the Balkans -as a distinct entity or by comparison with the neighboring regions (Europe, Black Sea and eastern Mediterranean countries)- its future prospects, the key components of medium and long-term change, choices and strategies for addressing future challenges; to regularly compare viewpoints on possible future development and action to be taken. The Association aims to contribute, by all means deemed appropriate, to the development of demographic and prospective studies and, in particular, a better understanding of demographic trends and their medium and long-term effects.
In this context, the DEMOBALK has already organized four International Conferences: in 1996 in Thessalonika (Greece), in 2000 in Sarajevo (BiH), in 2005 in Belgrade (Serbia), and in 2010 in Budva (Montenegro). The topic of the next DEMOBALK’s conference in 2014 will be "The population of the Balkans at the dawn of the 21st century".
Detailed information on the DEMOBALK International Association and the organized conferences can be found at the following link.

Demobalk conferences
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