In 2005, the Laboratory of Demographic and Social Analyses (LDSA) of the Department of Planning and Regional Development Faculty of Engineering, University of Thessaly and the Institute of Demographic Studies (IEDUB) of the University Montesquieu-Bordeaux IV took charge of the direction, coordination and organization of the Master Program "Population, Development, Foresight" (PοDePro) which leads to the award of a specialization Master’s degree.
The aim of this Program is to provide graduates of various disciplines and background with specialization concerning the cross-cutting issues of demography and sustainable development, the knowledge of which is a prerequisite for strategic planning in all spatial levels. Thus, this specific program aims at providing experts that will play consulting or executive roles in decision making in fields dealing with development planning at central and regional levels. The theory and practice of the educational process are based on an interdisciplinary approach which is necessitated by the character of the scientific fields involved.
Courses and examinations are held mainly in French and to a limited extent in English. The Master PοDePro is a one-year program (2 semesters followed by the internship and the dissertation writing and presentation) without tuition fees. Its students may be eligible for scholarships offered by public and private organizations and institutions. Detailed information can be found at the following link.

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